Ultimate guide for a perfect picnic ♡

Pauline Godfroid
Ultimate guide for a perfect picnic ♡

The sun is shining, nature is calling... it's time to plan THE perfect picnic. Forget about stressful preparations, The Little Zebra offers you a chic and stylish guide to turn your outing into an ultra-memorable moment. Discover our tips, along with trendy product selections, for a flawless day outdoors :-)

1 | The first touch: a chic picnic blanket

Gabrielle Paris & Ferm Living: elegance at its best

Imagine a blanket spread out over the green grass, inviting relaxation and sharing. Gabrielle Paris and Ferm Living provide this magical first act with their picnic blankets that combine elegance and functionality. The carefully chosen patterns and colors create a chic and welcoming atmosphere. Made from quality materials, these blankets are not just beautiful, they also withstand outdoor life. Let yourself be seduced by this must-have that will transform your picnic into a living painting of elegance and conviviality .

2 | A Citron cooler bag: freshness at your fingertips

The Citron cooler bag (available in blue and in purple) is the trendy accessory to keep your food cool for hours. Ultra-convenient and with a neat design, it becomes the inseparable companion of your outings. Definitely THE thing to have at home when you have kids!

3 | Ultra stylish Liewood nomadic tableware

Liewood revolutionizes nomadic tableware with its colorful and adorable silicone range. Practical, unbreakable, and lightweight, it's perfect for outdoor adventures. Some models are even foldable, freeing up space in your bag once the meal is over. Liewood's cute designs and bright colors add a touch of cheer to your picnic ;-) Say goodbye to disposable tableware and hello to sustainability with style!

4 | Sunglasses: essential under the sun ;-)

Komono & Hello Hossy: protect your eyes in style!

What better to accompany a picnic under the sun than a trendy pair of sunglasses from Komono or Hello Hossy? These brands, one Belgian and the other French, are favorites among style enthusiasts. They offer unique designs that protect your eyes elegantly. Choosing a pair from these brands means asserting your style while taking care of your vision!



5 | Some Citron insulated food containers

The insulated food containers from Citron are the chic answer to all your food preservation needs. Ultra-convenient and cute, they keep your food cool and your preparations tasty. Their smart design and functionality make them a must-have for any outing. Easy to carry and use, they let you enjoy your favorite dishes in peace, wherever you are :-)



6 | One or two outdoor games: the joy of playing together

Liewood & Plan Toys: guaranteed fun!

A picnic without games is like a sky without sun. Liewood and Plan Toys offer fun activities like the Monica tennis rackets, the petanque set, or the bowling game. Perfect for both kids and adults, they promise moments of joy and shared laughter!

7 | The final touch: a stylish sun hat!

Hello HossyLässigKonges SlojdTrixie: maximum SWAG

The sun hat is the indispensable accessory to complete your picnic outfit. Whether you choose a bucket hat from Hello Hossy, a cap from Lässig, a sun hat from Konges Slojd, or a bucket hat from Trixie, you're sure to combine protection and style. These brands offer a variety of designs to satisfy all tastes, from the most classic to the most daring.

8 | Sunscreen: don't forget to protect your skin :-)

Weleda Edelweiss Baby & Kid (SPF 50): The Little Zebra's choice

Before venturing out into the sun, make sure to protect your skin with a suitable sunscreen. The Edelweiss Baby & Kid sunscreen (SPF 50) from Weleda is the cool parents' favorite choice. It offers effective protection against UVA and UVB, while being gentle on the skin. A must-have for safely enjoying the sun.

With these tips and selections from The Little Zebra, your picnic promises to be an unforgettable moment. Each product has been chosen for its quality, style, and functionality, ensuring an unparalleled experience. Don't wait any longer, nature is calling for a chic and joyful adventure. Prepare your basket, invite your loved ones, and let The Little Zebra transform your outdoor day into a celebration of life and style!

Have fun ♡

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