Little guide for a spring on wheels!

Little guide for a spring on wheels!

As the first rays of spring sunshine start to break through, excitement mounts among little and big explorers alike. It's the ideal time to equip our little ones with the nec plus ultra of transportation suited to their size. From stylish tricycles to ultra-trendy balance bikes, through to cute scooters and must-have bicycles, The Little Zebra presents the ultimate guide to choosing the ideal road companion for your child, based on their age and abilities.

Which child's balance bike to choose?

The ideal age: between 18 and 24 months, just when your little treasure starts to experiment with their ability to jump and run, is the perfect moment to introduce the balance bike. This magical device, without pedals, encourages your child to use their legs to move and find their balance, paving the way for a smooth transition to a bicycle without the need for stabilizing wheels.

child's balance bike

Brands not to miss: At The Little Zebra, we are proud to present our ultra-stylish selection of balance bikes, including the must-haves Kokua, Wishbone Bike, and Banwood. Each of these brands offers a perfect combo of design, safety, and durability, ensuring your little adventurer finds their balance with confidence.

At what age does a child ride a tricycle?

The age of glory: Around the age of 3 years, children are ready to conquer the world on three wheels. The tricycle is a real learning tool that introduces little ones to the art of pedaling – a movement that is neither innate nor automatic. Introducing a tricycle into your child's world offers them a wonderful opportunity to develop their motor skills, their sense of balance, and their independence. It's also an occasion for them to experiment with the coordination of complex movements, such as pedaling while steering the handlebar. A well-chosen tricycle can become a true adventure companion for your child, allowing them to explore their environment in a playful and safe manner.

child's ride-on

Key brands: Foxrider and Banwood are the stars of our catalogue, offering tricycles designed to ensure safety and style. With their large wheels and design that keeps little pilots close to the ground, these tricycles are the perfect choice to start the adventure on three wheels.

The child's scooter: what age & which model?

Child's scooter: what age?

The 3-wheel scooters, offering superior stability, are perfectly suited from the age of 2 or 3 years. Less demanding in terms of balance, they represent an excellent introduction to urban mobility for toddlers. The 2-wheel scooters, requiring more mastery, are ideal for children aged 4 to 6 years, combining speed and control for an enriching experience.

child's scooter

The favorite child's scooter brand of The Little Zebra ♡

Banwood, a brand synonymous with quality and style: Banwood stands out for its commitment to safety and design in the world of children's scooters. Each model reflects particular attention to detail, combining vintage aesthetics with modern functionalities. These scooters are designed to grow with the child, offering easy adjustments and durable materials. Banwood understands the importance of the child's experience and works to make each adventure as fun as it is educational. Their 3-wheel scooters are perfect for beginners, offering a stable platform that reassures the child and encourages their autonomy. For older children, the 2-wheel scooters offer a stimulating challenge, perfecting their balance and coordination.

How to teach your child to ride a bike?

Around 5 years old, most children are ready to take on the challenge, although the exact age can vary. This moment is crucial, as it often marks the child's first significant experience with risk and adventure. To facilitate this learning, it is essential to adopt a patient and encouraging approach.

Our little tips for parents :-)


  • Starting with short sessions in a safe environment can help to build the child's confidence.
  • Using pedal-less bikes, or balance bikes, can also be an excellent way to develop balance before moving on to a traditional bicycle.
  • Add a little bicycle bell for even more fun!
  • As a parent, your support and encouragement are crucial: celebrate every small victory and stay positive, even in the event of a fall.
  • Don't forget to carefully choose your child's bicycle helmet!

child's bicycle helmet

Remember, learning to ride a bike is not just about mobility, but also an opportunity to teach persistence, self-confidence, and the joy of independence!

As spring looms, it's the perfect moment to carefully choose your child's new road companion. At The Little Zebra, we are here to accompany you on this beautiful adventure, guaranteeing moments of joy and freedom for your little one. Explore our collection and get ready for sunny walks, laughter, and unforgettable memories ♡!

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